Kippers’ 2017

Kippers’ 2017 returns with Open Arena supporting 2 day and 1 day events by popular request.

Currently recruiting reliable individuals to join the team

  • TOs for
    • 40K, & 30k – this person (s) would set rules pack,  & determine schedule for tournament(s),  check/verify army lists, set pairings, answer questions, set up the tourament area. This person would be prepared to play as a ringer but otherwise would not play in the tournament(s)
    • Bloodbowl – this person would be responsible for all aspects of a tourament.
  • Website manager-this person would know how to work with Word Press and would ensure that website is maintain with all tournament info.
  • Sponsorship and advertising coordinator – this person would work closely with Jen. Continuing to develop relationships with existing sponsors, & growing the pool of Sponsorship.  This could include some coordination to obtain donated items which may mean some travel.  Also to design advertising materials and ensure the event is adequately promoted.
  • Registration – particularly Friday evening and Saturday morning we need someone or two someones to manage registration: take money,  hand out name tags, tournament packages and swag. Would also need to be able to direct traffic and answer questions.

If you would like to join the team contact Jen at