Open Arena

Some big changes have happened in our gaming community over the past year. These changes have created a split in our communities: more game diversity, smaller events and demands for changes to our tournament scene. To that end Kippers’ Melee is pleased to introduce you to OPEN ARENA.

The easiest way to explain it: casual games with a way to earn tournament points. You could wind up playing 3, 4, 5…even 10 different game systems over the weekend, and the best part is you dictate which ones and when. Those of you who are Warmachine players will find the format similar to Iron Arena, those who have never played Iron Arena will need a better introduction to the format. We will also have formal tournaments and we will add more through the OPEN ARENA format.

In the end you could be a winner of an individual tournament, or you could wind up the OPEN ARENA CHAMPION. And of course, as is tradition, there will also be a lot of prizes raffled over the weekend thanks to the awesome sponsorship of the various game stores, manufacturers and supports of Kippers’ (these have already started coming in)

I could run full details here, but I won’t yet. There are a couple things that I still need to iron out with the team (most of Island game stores have at least one staff member with a voice about the format based on what they see in their shops) before I post the final rules and explanation, but I will soon. You should also keep listening to our media sponsor Chumphammer for the interview with them where I will disclose most, if not all of the details.