Open Arena

Kippers Melee 2016 is over and done and from the reviews it was a well received format.

You never know when you try something new and innovative whether or not it will succeed. There’s some tweaks to make but overall it was great fun.

The easiest way to explain OPEN AREANA is: casual games with a way to earn tournament points. You could wind up playing 3, 4, 5…even 10 different game systems over the weekend, and the best part is you dictate which ones and when. Those of you who are Warmachine players will find the format similar to Iron Arena, those who have never played Iron Arena will need a better introduction to the format. We will also have formal tournaments and we will add more through the OPEN ARENA format.

In the end you could be a winner of an individual tournament, or you could wind up the OPEN ARENA CHAMPION.

As soon as we’ve set the date for 2017 we’ll keep you posted