Sponsors & The Team

Kippers’ is made great by the continued support of our Sponsors & our Team

We are excited to have the continued support of Sponsors & the Volunteers who make time to help with all the aspects needed to run this event!


Saw us with a team of that include representatives from Dice Bag, Drop Zone and Everything Games, the colorful team of who we know know as the Boys of the Golden Throne, as well as key folks from events and communities of the Island. We also received generous donations of over $2000 worth of prize support, terrain for tables and time.

Please help demonstrate our gratitude by becoming patrons of our sponsors.


The Team

  • Jen Aspden
  • Scott Strom
  • Tim Grant, Drop Zone Games
  • Tom Keenoy
  • Dan Miner, Miner Creations & Wet Coast GT
  • Glenn Morgan, Geecktech Industries
  • Colin, Ben, Paul and the team at Dice Bag Games
  • Rob Norman, Everything Games
  • Ian Harris

The Sponsors

  • Drop Zone Games
  • Dice Bag Games
  • Everything Games
  • Secret Weapon Miniatures
  • Imperial Hobbies
  • Wet Coast GT
  • Attack X
  • Battle Boss Heavy Industries
  • Best in Faction podcast
  • Everything Games Podcast

If you would like to become a Sponsor of Kippers’ Melee please email kippersmelee@gmail.com with your logo, link to your website/online store/facebook page and let us know if you will be attending the event yourself or if you will be shipping your donations to us.

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