Tickets are available here


Format: Warmachine & Hordes Masters 2018 Dyad (rules package found here)

Rounds: 5 (may go to 6 if we have more than 32 players)

Day 1 – 3 games (4 if we have more than 32 players)

Day 2 – 2 games

Painting and Sportsmanship prizes will be awarded

Once you’ve bought your ticket, please pre-register at Conflict Chamber here: https://conflictchamber.com/?event=503

Lists should be created and submitted via Conflict Chamber at the same link. Deadline for list submission is Oct 26. Please bring two printed copies of your list. Conflict Chamber’s formatting is ideal, so please use that if possible.


  • Pre-release models will be allowed IF: their rules are available in War Room, AND you have the physical model. This applies to, e.g. the Supreme Guardian and Crucible Guard Alyce.
  • Rules will be whatever is current in War Room as of Oct 26. e.g. if the Retribution or Circle CID rules are released 2 days before the event, they’re legal.


Day 1
9:00 am Doors Open & Registration
945 am Table Assignments
10:00am Day 1: 3 (or 4) Games
Day 2
9:00 am Doors Open & Registration
9:45 Table Assignments
10:00am Day 2: 2 games
Awards after tear down