Sponsors, Vendors & The Team


Kippers’ is made great by the continued support of our Sponsors & our Team

We are excited to have the continued support of Sponsors & the Volunteers who make time to help with all the aspects needed to run this event!

The Team

  • Jen (Northern Vancouver Island Representative)
  • TBD (Southern Vancouver Island Representative)
  • Glenn, Geektech Industries (X-Wing events)
  • Clay (Legion events)
  • Matt (40K events)
  • Austen (AOS events)
  • TBD (30K event)
  • TBD (Warmachine events)
  • TBD (RPG events)
  • Dan (Kings of War events)

If you or anyone you know is interested in running events or otherwise helping out the Team please email kippersmelee@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

The Sponsors/Vendors

Please complete the following form to become a vendor or sponsor. The form can be found here, responses will be reviewed weekly: