The History, the Beginning

In 2012 I moved to Vancouver Island from Surrey. Back then I’d been gaming for about 5 years, I’d worked for GW, run many single day events and missed it. Campbell River certainly didn’t have a booming gaming community at the time.

I got the idea to run an event on the Island talking with the guys from Greenskin Nation who attended events on the Mainland and of course there was Gottacon. In a short 2 months I went from planning something “a year from now” to “why not just do it” and that’s how the first event happened.

The event needed a name though…Can’t have an event without a name.

Being a bit of a nerd in high school for the Middle Ages, and reading almost nothing but books about knights and fantasy….I started looking for names that would suit.

Tournaments in the Middle Ages were multi-event with awards for all the events and a tournament champion overall. Knights and fighters from around the realms would gather together, they would choose their battles, sometimes more than one event and they would fight: with sword and lance and bow. Winners of events would earn awards: gold and silver, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.

   The name was chosen as I looked for something suitable. While I searched for the perfect logo and the perfect name I found this site and the name stuck…the event became Kippers’ Melee….a battle for infantry, a battle for those who are not in it for the competition but who are in it for something else, something more. For the comraderie, for the fun: a battle where we are the kippers’ and the dice are the knights…eventually the kippers’ gather the spoils.


 In 2013 we created a real logo and figured out that this was not just a one off. Kippers’ is going to be around for a while. We moved from the Ramada’s little room into the Legion, where we stayed for the next 3 years. In 2017 we moved to the Vancouver Island Conference Center and grew some more.

In 2018 one of our gamers provided us with another version of the logo to use. We still maintain the logo from 2013 as the official logo but love the new version as well. W continued at the Vancouver Island Conference Center.


After the 2019 event the BC Crown Championship was formed, not to replace the event but to create a tournament circuit in BC. Participants of specific tournaments at the events (WetCoastGT, Attack-X and Kippers’ Melee) have the opportunity to be crowned the BC Crown Champion. 2020 is the beginning of the first season.